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Virgin islands - virgin islands - the people the population is primarily made up of blacks descended from african slaves. The number of puerto ricans and persons from the continental united states has increased in recent years. Despite a long tradition of racial equality and the absence of legal or de facto discrimination in.   one of the biggest questions people ask before going on vacation is what appropriate attire is for said place they are visiting. In this blog well outline what to wear in the us virgin islands so you can feel comfortable and confident on any island. People from the virgin islands are called virgin islanders and based on the island of residence are called st. The first people known to have inhabited what is today the virgin islands were the carib, arawak and ciboney indians. The virgin islands were settled by indigenous people in about 100 b. Throughout the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries the bvi were under spanish control, during which time the islands provided temporary anchorages for spanish convoys hiding from english privateers. Virgin islands english, which retains some creole features, is widely used in personal and informal situations. Spanish has become increasingly important because of immigration from nearby islands spanish speakers make up 35 percent of the population of saint croix. The population in the virgin islands is largely made up of caribbean people whose ancestors were africans and europeans. You will find people from all across the caribbean living in the virgin islands as well as americans from the mainland, europeans and hispanics. Over 825,000 people visited the british virgin islands in 2006 alone. Culture the large influx of immigrants from other caribbean islands have made their own contributions to the american, british, and african influences which have traditionally dominated british virgin islands culture. There is little academic support for the idea of a permanent settlement on any of the current british virgin islands at that time. The arawak inhabited the islands until the 15th century, when they were displaced by the more aggressive carib, a tribe from the lesser antilles islands. Virgin islands - virgin islands - history pre-columbian inhabitants of the islands probably included the arawak, who were displaced by the caribs the latter had reached the stage of stone polishing and pottery making when christopher columbus arrived. On his second voyage, in 1493, columbus dropped anchor at what is now known as salt river bay, st.   casual but slightly conservative clothing is appropriate for the english islands (e.).

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