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A bent penis is an erect penis that curves to one side or the other and in most cases, it is absolutely normal. Its common for the penis to curve slightly to the left or right when its erect. But if you have a more significant bend in your penis, which may cause you pain or difficulty having sex, see your gp or go to your local genitourinary medicine (gum) clinic. Why is my erect penis bent? Every penis is bit bent and a slight bend upwards is not just normal but desirable. You may have a problem if your penis is bent to the left or right so much as to make it difficult or even painful to enter your partner during sex. Bent willies are very common and generally do not cause any.   but since your penis shape has changed, it might be a good idea to visit a doctor or nurse to get checked out and make sure everythings ok. One possible cause of a bent penis is a condition called peyronies disease.   when you become sexually aroused, blood flows into spongelike spaces inside your penis, expanding and stiffening it. A bent penis generally occurs when these spaces dont expand evenly. Most often, this is due to normal differences in penis anatomy, but sometimes scar tissue or another problem causes a bent penis and painful erections. Whenever i get an erection my penis bends upwards and to the right from around the middle of the shaft. It has proved difficult to have enjoyable sex because it has been awkward to find.   my penis bends to the right when erect, i am 15 years old and i was wondering if this was normal. It doesnt bend that much, just a curve a little bit to the right and it doesnt ever cause pain, but its not on center. When i get an erection i always put it to the right of my pants because thats where it has always been most comfortable. A bent penis is caused mostly due to masturbating and since those parts of the muscles are frequently stressed you will experience a bent. Is that okay? Answer men rarely have a perfectly straight penis. The most common cause of a bent penis is called peyronies disease, which is caused by the formation of fibrous scar tissue in the soft tissues of the penile shaft. This is a common condition, and often doesnt cause a man any problems.

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