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  sharp pain in your breast can be alarming, but it isnt always a cause for concern. For many people, breast pain is related to the menstrual cycle or other hormonal changes.   extramammary breast pain feels like it starts in the breast tissue, but its source is actually somewhere else. Pulling a muscle in your chest, for example, can cause pain in your chest wall or rib cage that spreads (radiates) to your breast. Your breast pain is likely cyclical -- meaning its linked to your reproductive cycle -- if you have some of these signs the pain feels achy and heavy your breasts swell or seem lumpy. A sharp pain in breast can be quite alarming and you may worry a lot if your breast tissue develops a tingling, burning, shooting or stabbing pain. Generally, only one breast would be affected by the sharp pain and the pain does not coincide with your menstrual cycle.   breast pain can be cyclical and related to your menstrual cycle or noncyclical and not related to your cycle. Nipple pain is pain that occurs in the breast tissue around the area of the nipple. Nipple pain can be associated with other symptoms and signs that may include breast pain, nipple discharge, breast lump or mass, itching, or skin changes. Breast cancer typically does not cause nipple pain or breast pain, although inflammatory breast cancer can be associated with redness, warmth, and swelling. First stepmake sure its not your heart! While your left breast pain is most likely due to something else, the first question you need to ask yourself is if you could be having symptoms of a heart attack. Keep in mind that the symptoms of heart disease in women are often very different from those in men. Pain may be mild, feel like a burning pain, or may simply feel like breast pain.   around 70 percent of women report pain in one or both breasts, and only about 15 percent require treatment. Breast pain can also be an indication that one of your implants has ruptured. Talk to your doctor about any pain youre having to determine if it could be related to the breast implants.

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