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Tsunade nodded and pulled out a large sum of ryo, amount 1 million for naruto and 500,000 ryo for ino, naruto gets the extra money for the bingo book bonus. Naruto and ino have been dating for awhile but the problem is naruto still hasnt told her that hes a jinchuriki. So now hes planning on telling her but he doesnt know how or when to do it. Browse through and read naruto temari ino hinata sakura fanfiction stories and books. Browse through and read naruto temari ino hinata sakura fanfiction stories and books. (gaara x oc) friends with a demon, in love with another and one herself. Join kaia hyuga as she struggles to keep her team together, keep her best friend safe, and to. (gaara x oc) friends with a demon, in love with another and one herself. I had ino get on top of me, she soon wrapped her lips around my dick. Since ino-chan is tasting me, i might as well have a taste of ino-chan, myself. Ino smiled at him and put her hand on his cheek again and kissed him but pulled away and laid her head down on his shoulder, i love you naruto-kun. Naruto put his arm around her and smiled at her saying that she loved him and kissed her forehead, i love you too ino-chan. Naruto found himself looking over a pile of black, blue, dark orange and brown clothing. Ten minutes later, ino found herself trying to hold back on raping the blond uzumaki. Any naruto & ino fics out there? Could you give me an elevator pitch? Thats it, now for some venting. On ao3, looking up that tag has no real summary or many tags, which are not suitable for that site. Yeah sure thing naruto grinned before working on the flower box for ino. A few hours later naruto entered the shop whipping the sweat from his brow. Ino smiled thank you so much for doing that youre such a big help.   chouji basks in her light, in her smiles, in the way she hides her worry for him in half-hearted insults. Shikamaru prefers to regard her carefully from the shadows, disguising his faith as apathy. They are both half in love with her and half in love with the idea of her as always being theirs in a way that she will never be anyone elses.

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