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  every single one of us is here because of these little guys, or girls. The human sperm cell is a fascinating thing when viewed through a microscope. No slide preparation necessary, the, uh, sample, should come in its own medium, you can just mush a drop in between a slide and a cover slip and stick it on the stage. A semen microscope or sperm microscope is used to identify and count sperm. These microscopes are used when breeding animals or for examining human fertility. You do not want a microscope that advertises anything above 1000x, it is just empty magnification and is unnecessary.   i have been using a relatively cheap microscope (my first lab microscope) to look at a sample of my semen. Under 40x magnification i see a lot of motionless sperm and generally not enough sperm floating about compared to what i see from other microscope videos of sperm floating (no pun) on the internet.   kits which contain a microscope allow a couple to examine the count of sperm using a microscope, without having to involve a medical professional. Place one drop of sperm-sized spheres or test solution on a clean glass slide. Good sperm microscopes round out their capabilities with a binocular eyepiece, a mechanical stage for better focusing, and magnification powers up to 400x, though more advanced models can go up to 1000x. Whatever model of semen analysis microscope you decide to go with, rest assured that microscope. A digital hd andrology semen analysis microscope is also available in both a basic model and an advanced microscope model. If you have questions regarding the use of microscopes in andrology or specific semen analysis microscope questions contact microscope world and we will be happy to help. A transmission electron microscope can reach magnifications of up to 500,000 times that of a human eye and a thousand times the magnification of a compound microscope.

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