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  on the heels of jillian michaels adoption of a daughter and simultaneous arrival of a baby boy some fans are wondering how they could have missed that the former biggest loser buff is gay.   jillian michaels got her start back in 2004 as the biggest losers inaugural fitness trainer, and shes been a household name ever since.   bob harper had his own revelatory moment on tuesdays the biggest loser.   jillian michaels may not be as comfortable with her association with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (lgbt) community as you might expect. The former biggest loser trainer recently sat down with health magazine to discuss her life after the show, how she stays fit now and her identity as a queer woman.   jillian michaels accumulates the prominent part of the net worth as being a tv show host. Also, the lady has been starring in the show losing it with jillian since 2010. Alongside tv career, jillian accumulates the fortune from her skills as a professional trainer.   kristanna loken and jillian michaels at truck stop (here lounge) last night! Last night at here lounge in west hollywood which is a gay bar, there were at least 2 celebrity sitings. The biggest loser trainer jillian michaels was there, then later kristanna loken from terminator 3 and the l word joined her booth.   to help a contestant struggling with his own sexuality, bob harper made the decision to come out publicly as a gay man on the biggest loser. Bobby had talked openly on the show about being gay, but hed yet to come out to his father. Bob harper does not have romantic feelings for jillian as he is gay.   is the trainers from the biggest loser gay (jillian & bob)? I looooove the show, and am just curious! Bob used to not be obvious, but the past few seasons it.

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