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According to heiko oberdieks answer to graphics file extensions and their order of inclusion when not specified another solution without image conversion consists in either producing a dvi file, then (a) converting this with dvips to ps, what then with ps2pdf can further converted to pdf or (b) directly converting the dvi to pdf with dvipdfmx (note the x, its important here) (a)(b.).   re insert png picture in beamer post by ahmed thu nov 05, 2009 1114 pm great thanks for you thorsten. Tex - latex stack exchange is a question and answer site for users of tex, latex, context, and related typesetting systems. I know that there some problems if the picture is in the format of png or jpeg. The command graphicspath images tells l a t e x that the images are stored in images, now you only have to use the file name instead of the full path in includegraphics. For more information on image management in l a t e x look in further reading for links. Quick guide to uploading one or more images into your overleaf project in the top left corner of the editor click. Producing documents using latex to produce a dvi le and then dvips for converting it to post-script, and using pdflatex to produce a pdf le.   beamer makes it very easy to include a series of images and display them in a serial animated style in separate frames (slides).   can i insert a gif animation on a slide in a beamer presentation? I want the gif to loop while i am on its slide. I need to import animations from maple into my latexbeamer presentation.

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