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In the holocaust 6,000,000 jews died, which means after the holocaust there were about 5,000,000 jews.   holocaust from the greek word holokauston, meaning sacrifice by fire. It refers to the nazi persecution and planned slaughter of the jewish people and others considered inferior to true germans. Shoah a hebrew word meaning devastation, ruin or waste, also used to refer to the holocaust. Nazi german acronym standing for nationalsozialistishe deutsche arbeiterpartei (national socialist.).   quantifying the holocaust measuring murder rates during the nazi genocide even though the holocaust is one of the best documented genocides in a historical sense, there is surprisingly little quantitative data available, even on major critical events. Whats more, this history is often told in figures too large to comprehend on the human scale. 351992 at a community meeting to promote the holocaust in westlake village, ca, renee firestone and another holocaust survivor tell whoppers about the camps, including 1) the germans found a community of midgets (!), transported them to auschwitz, shot them (!) en masse, and then were forced to let them sit in a pile for three days until.   the holocaust is the best-documented example of genocide in the history of mankind. Denying it serves no purposes but to downplay the atrocities commited by the nazis. The holocaust encyclopedia provides an overview of the holocaust using text, photographs, maps, artifacts, and personal histories. Research family history relating to the holocaust and explore the museums collections about individual survivors and victims of the holocaust and nazi persecution. Anyone who actually does real research besides what the tv and media tell them can see the truth about the so called jewish holocaust and the mental midgets in holocaustianity. In no way is the holocaust in reality a dogma but in fact it is a dogma to the sheeple and the wolves that lead them around by the nose and other parts.   discussion about quantifying the holocaust measuring murder rates during the nazi genocide page 4 at the godlikeproductions conspiracy forum. Treblinka - transit camp or extermination camp? Discuss the alleged nazi genocide or other wartime atrocities without fear of censorship.

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