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  hi sarra from australia - quite a few years ago (well, about 20 actually), i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and fibrocystic breast disease and saw dr. At that time, he gave me a prescription for natural thyroid and told me that many women with fibrocystic breast disease are also hypothyroid. Symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease include a dense, irregular, and bumpy consistency of the breast tissue. Although the term fibrocystic breast disease may sound ominous, it actually describes a benign condition of the breasts that more than 60 percent of all women experience. Stories of fibrocystic breast disease cures anecdotal stories of fibrocystic breast disease cures dr. Lee claims that he has never had a case in using progesterone on fibrocystic breast disease that was not positive. Fibrocystic breast disease natural cures fibrocystic breast disease definition also called chronic cystic mastitis, diffuse cystic mastopathy and mammary dysplasia characterized by noncancerous lumps in the breast roughly 30 - 60 of women estimated to suffer from this condition. Fibrocystic breast condition is easily treated permanently using over the counter progesterone cream and avoiding environmental estrogens (chemical estrogens). Has treated fibrocystic breast disease with success for decades. Fibrocystic breast disease is a condition that occurs in women when the breast tissue becomes lumpy. Other common names for fibrocystic breast disease are mammary dysplasia, diffuse cystic mastopathy, benign breast disease, and glandular breast changes. 1 when breasts become fibrocystic and develop lumps, the texture is often described as rope-like. Our last natural remedy for fibrocystic breast disease is somewhat a combination of the treatments above but it has its own peculiarities that you need to have in mind. This treatment has 2 stages one with drinking teas and the other with local compresses.   fibrocystic breast disease or mastalgia, commonly called fibrocystic breasts is a benign (noncancerous) condition in which a woman has painful lumps in her breasts. According to studies, the estimated incidence rate of fibrocystic changes, ranges from about 50-60 of all women.

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