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  for decades, weve been hearing that men prefer women with blonde hair.   since its easier to approach a blonde for her fun-loving, bubbly nature, men prefer to go that route to lessen their fears or increase their odds of getting lucky. While theres no research to support the idea, the blonde stereotype is that they do tend to have more fun, which can only be assumed that theyre probably more willing to go home.   many titles of products of popular culture include references to blonde hair including the classic 1953 movie gentlemen prefer blondes (starring marilyn monroe and.). Anyone else find blonde guys hot? Do any women here like blond men? Girls do you prefer blond, brunette or ginger haired men? Jealous of blondes.   which do you prefer blondes or brunettes? Redheads, perhaps. Do white women find black men more sexually attractive than white men? No, white women dont find black men to be more attractive than white men. The same can be said about asian men or any other group of non-white men.   the genes for blue eyes and blonde hair are recessive, meaning both parents must have the genes for them to be expressed in their offspring.

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